Tape for

Behind every software is a unique team. Enough with never ending backlogs. Fewer tickets, more impact in ONE tool.

the All-In-One Toolkit,
to manage software development

Build your own workflows

What's the best workflow for your development team? The one you create. Agile development is a set of principles, not a one-size-fits-all issue template.

On point collaboration​

Great software is created in your IDE, not the meeting room. Our unique approach to asynchronous communication let's your team act as one without constant interruptions and stand-up meetings.​

Software Engineers at heart

Tape is developed using Tape. Benefit from our years of development expertise, we know what it takes to lead a remote development team and ship mission critical software on a daily base.

Agility that modern teams love.

Tape can be customized. Easily with just a few clicks and drag & drop you can make adjustments in real time or customize your work environment to match your needs. Innovations are visible everywhere as soon as they happen so that everyone on the team knows what's going on at all times - nobody is left out!

More sharing
and better relationships.

Working and having fun? Welcome to Tape. Whether it’s an inspiring discussion or a private chat with colleagues, Tape creates the space for new input, spontaneous ideas or human interaction. You can celebrate your successes through video conferencing, have some funny chats or create a virtual coffee shop with our “drop-in audio rooms". Your profile can display your status and the “Do Not Disturb” function will help you find focus without missing anything.

Why Tape?

The future of work

Tape allows teams to decide for themselves what aspects of new work they want to support, regardless of where or how their company operates in the future.

Guaranteed development

Many exciting features and improvements are constantly being added to the site. If you have any suggestions, please let us know!

Made in Munich

Developed in practice, proven on the field. All teams now benefit from this.

Great for SME‘s

Professional business solution for customized collaboration. Scales with the growth and ideas of the teams.

Tape has the goal of making your work life better.
To develop an atmosphere that encourages people to participate, creates free space,
and provides time for more important things.

The new virtual office,
that can keep up with the future.