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90% of startups FAIL! Reduce your risk of failure

Kickstart your startup with an operating system that reduces your risk by giving you a knowledge edge through superior process and content templates you won't find anywhere else.

The operating system for startups

Structured Data

Tape lets you organize your data in a way that is best for you. You can use it to store meeting notes, HR records, product roadmap or fundraising tasks - whatever matters most to your organization!
Tape is customizable.

Social Collaboration

Tape allows you to chat with teammates, to join drop-in audio rooms in real-time as well as video conferences. Easily post your status and thoughts, quickly interact with reactions, and more.

Growth without limits

Everyone needs a friend, and your business is no exception. Tape will accompany you in all phases of growth from Seed to Series A-Z with one digital workplace that has infinite solutions.

Tape has the goal that startups do not fail at the basics.