Tape for Startups

Get a head start with ONE TOOL
for your data, knowledge, internal comms.

your startup’s operating system

Facts and Figures.

Applications: Ideation, Meeting Notes, Fundraising, Tasks, Product Roadmap, HR

AND every application you need.
WHAT? Tape is costimazable.

Social Collaboration.

Features: Chat. Drop-In-Audio. Video-Call. User Posting. Emoji Reaction. User-Status.

Grow with you.

Tape scales with your startup from Seed to Series A-Z.

One workspace. One platform.
One source of true. Endless solutions.

Level up as you go.

Tape is adaptive, so that your solution develops in sophistication and performance according to your usage – every single day. Authorized members can easily adjust in real time with clicks and drag & drop. Like building blocks in LEGO style. Innovations are instantly visible and usable for the team. For example, you can easily add or update a start date to the existing tasks. Of course, completely new areas of activity for digital collaboration can also be created.
In short: you have a high degree of freedom to adapt Tape quickly and easily to your needs.

Exchange beyond the job,
for the best relationships in your team.

Team culture is key. Tape puts people into the center of communication. Tape enables you to exchange ideas with office friends and be part of the network - for new input, spontaneous ideas or interpersonal relationships.
A selection of the possibilities that Tape offers: Celebrate successes via video conferences, display the status in your profile or receive funny things through direct messages in the chat. For focus or leisure, the “do not disturb” function helps you hide for a while without missing a thing. With “drop-in audio rooms”, Tape creates a virtual water cooler. When you close your eyes, it feels like everyone is sitting at the same table in one room.

Why Tape?

Secure trendsetter.

Gives teams the freedom to decide which aspects of New Work should be implemented and supported. Regardless of how and where you will work in the future.

Development guarantee.

Live updates providing constantly new functions and improvements.
If something is missing, please inform us.

Made in Munich.

Developed in practice, proven in a demanding market. All teams now benefit from this.

Great for SME‘s.

Professional business solution for tailor-made collaboration. Scales with the growth and ideas of the teams.

The aim of Tape is
to promote a team culture,
that encourages participation and
creates freedom.

The new virtual office,
that can keep up with the future.