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Our partners list

Hans Lübken

Bitburg, Germany

Dirk Spannaus

Dresden, Germany

Jacquelyn May

San Diego, USA

Carson Young

St. George, USA

Andrew Cranston

Halifax, Canada

Martin Evans

Lewes, United Kingdom

Philippe Brouwers

Ter Aar, Netherlands

Jason Melotte

Llanrwst, United Kingdom

Arvy Lee

Iloilo, Philippines

John Alfred Dafielmoto

Davao City, Philippines

Toni Muller

Novo Hamburgo, Brazil

Rico Seiferth

Berlin & Hamburg, Germany

Joel Hall

Atlanta, USA

Bruno Freitas

Natal, Brazil

Pete Cuff

London, United Kingdom

Tomaz Mezek

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Muhammad Roshan

Delaware, USA

Derek Burton

Atlanta, USA

Our backbone

is our


Partnering is at the core of our business model, and cultivating a vibrant ecosystem of partners is key to our success.

Our success, as well as our sustainability as a company, depends on taking care of our partners, a vital component of our system.

We at Tape are passionate about the success of everyone who is with us on this exciting journey. When you work with us, we're your partner in growth.

Our match



We are looking for “builders”. We are looking for people who are innovative and have a hands-on approach. We are seeking people who are willing to go out there, spread the word (literally), and take action to make it happen.

As a result, our program caters to different types of partners so that each customer and partner will get the best value from our program.¹

Our proposal

We seek


We have attractive participation models, no matter if you take charge of the entire customer lifecycle, resell Tape, provide services or education, or enrich Tape's ecosystem with new technology.

Here is an example of a participation model when you cover the full customer lifecycle as a Tape Consulting Partner:

For every new basic or premium plan, or for any upgrade, you'll earn 25% of all payments for the total customer lifetime.

Our promise

We stand


It is important to us that our partners feel connected to us and are well equipped to sell, market, and provide services.

In general, everyone who joins our partner program receives: An attractive monetary participation model. Fast access to the founding team. The chance to co-create a sustainable developement of the program. As well as additional benefits based on the needs of each partner.

Eliminating barriers to migration for your customers, for example. For migrating your customers stuck in a yearly plan, Tape will compensate the remaining fees with a voucher, no matter which Tape plan they choose.²

Our process

How to

join us.

The first step is to apply using the form below.

As a second step, we will review your application and schedule a time to speak so that we can get to know one another.

When we are a good fit, as the third step, you will receive an official partner certification, an invitation to a shared workspace, and exclusive access to our team for help in starting a successful partnership.

Now you are ready to sell and service Tape!

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Let's take off together


Rainer Grabowski

Munich, Germany

¹ With exception of authorised work management platform partners or former partners our applicants complete a series of trainings before being certified as Tape Partners.

² The migration voucher does not affect your commission amount. We will schedule your payment with priority as soon as we receive the amount from your customer after the voucher has been used up.

Join and shape the journey of Tape.

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