Engineer with Founder Status

Engineer with Founder Status

at Tape

Munich, Germany · Remote · Full-time


We’re on a mission to give everyone the tools to customize their own software to solve any problem and take on any challenge in their daily work.

We’ve been working on our SaaS platform, Tape, since 2019 and have a vibrant global community with great customers and a motivated ecosystem of partners. We move fast, challenge the status quo, and are passionate about building a company as diverse and creative as our customers. 

Tape was created to achieve great results with minimal staff. At the beginning, we focused on building an optimal infrastructure, an exceptional coding environment, and preparing for smooth day-to-day SaaS operations. These efficient processes now benefit our partners and their customers, enabling us to offer competitive pricing, introduce new features fast, and maintain top quality. Today, we’re growing and excited for new teammates to join us who are the best at what they do.  



At Tape, your work transforms the way people experience work every day. Join us as a Engineer, where you will drive our customers’ outcomes by designing, developing, and delivering innovative, high-quality features. This role has a direct impact on how users interact with and perceive our product.

There are different areas and features where you can make an impact, either accelerating our established features or developing new ones. At this stage of development, we are focusing on a new innovative technology for Tape: a block-based, customizable canvas. We have some pretty big ideas for the future shown on our public roadmap and we can’t wait to share more details with you. In your first interview, we can dive deeper into the various challenges to find the most exciting one for you. In the meantime, take a look, you can sign up here for free and see what we are working on.



  • Angular 15+ Web App
  • TypeScript
  • Node.js NestJS backend
  • PostgreSQL
  • Redis
  • Transactional & event-based architecture
  • AWS
  • Docker (Docker Swarm for orchestration)
  • Elasticsearch and Kibana for logging
  • RxJS 7
  • Redux-based state management (NgRx)
  • Ionic Mobile App
  • Storybook
  • Figma
  • Our own component library and design system
  • Large nx-monorepo and sophisticated developer tooling



  • Taking responsibility for implementing full-stack functionality for the Tape web application
  • Collaborating closely with our product owner, Leo, to discuss ideas and develop new features
  • Depending on your preferences, skills, or specialization, you can take on tasks that focus more on our server or others that require you to dive into our frontend



  • Whether you are a frontend, backend, or full-stack engineer, familiarity with our technologies is a plus. However, what truly matters is your drive to continuously improve your skills.
  • Meaningful software engineering experience in building and designing scalable web applications, i.e. single page applications (SPA)
  • Mastery of TypeScript or willingness to master it
  • Willingness to dive deep into Angular, NodeJs, HTML and CSS
  • Experience with relational Databases
  • Use of Visual Studio Code (VS Code) is required
  • Experience with git required 
  • Responsible, resilient and ambitious working mentality in a high paced and agile SaaS startup environment
  • Strong written and spoken communication skills (in English or German)
  • … have passion, and love what you do.



Tape is an equal opportunities employer, committed to building an integrative culture where everyone feels welcomed and supported. We embrace uniqueness and understand that our diverse, values-driven culture makes us stronger. We are proud to have an inclusive workplace environment that will foster your development no matter your gender, civil status, family status, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability, education level, or race.



Aside from our people, culture, and mission, Tape is committed to providing great benefits with the unique opportunity for one engineer to achieve founder status, including: 

  • Founder-level compensation: we offer a top-tier package that includes cash compensation, benefits, and equity options. This role can be aligned with that of a Co-Founder and may also include company shares. The final compensation will be based on several factors, including location, the scope and complexity of the tasks performed, and the candidate’s experience and expertise.
  • Flexible working arrangements: flexible working hours. Options for office, hybrid, or up to 100% remote work.
  • Cutting-edge technology stack: modern best-practice TypeScript stack.
  • Optimized developer experience: automated processes & QA via CI/CD, well documented and out-of-the-box developer productivity tooling. At Tape, every dev is able to spin up a running local staging environment within 5 minutes.
  • Daily production deployments: yes, we actually do that.
  • Product influence: shape the product by being part of decision-making processes, design, UX/UI considerations, and even customer interactions.
  • Hardware of your choice: choose between a MacBook Pro or another laptop of your preference.
  • Accelerated learning and development: join the unique opportunity to invest in your personal skill development by working on a small, high-performance team with a constant learning and growth culture. Here, we learned more in one year than in three years at other jobs. 
  • Get a head start with ongoing mentoring: we’re committed to guiding you to successfully deploy your first code to production within your initial week with us.
  • Live for customer value: the code you write and the designs you implement directly affect the product and, by extension, the company’s success. This is highly rewarding and motivating, especially we use our own product as our only digital workspace every day.
  • Contribute to open source: get the chance to work on open source projects, building a public portfolio that showcases your skills and contributions.
  • Milestone events: every major feature release brings our team together to celebrate this success.
  • Efficient work environment: enjoy a minimum of 6 hours of focused coding time per day, made possible by fewer meetings, no JIRA, no confluence and no back-office tasks.

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