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Mini Apps by ProcFu
for Tape

Enhance the power of your workspaces and provide secure access to your Tape data to external contacts.

ProcFu's Mini Apps make it possible to develop powerful web apps in a matter of minutes using Tape as a back-office.

Planning for 2023 is in full swing. After co-developing with calculation enthusiasts and the best workflow automation experts we are thrilled about the next amazing opportunity. Partnering with Globi Web Solutions brings unique value to all of us. Now - we need to figure out the right time to integrate Tape with Mini Apps. Please score your interest below.

Portals for external contacts

Easily build portals powered by your hosted data in Tape to allow your customers, vendors, and employees to work with your data outside of Tape. You decide who can access the app, and what they can view or do in the app.

Data dashboards

Get a quick overview of what's most important. Create dashboards based on data from Tape across your organization. Graphs, charts, numbers, or tables. And so much more.

Website content

Using Tape data, you can build a website in minutes. You decide what the public can see and how they can interact with some of it.

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While this is a great opportunity, we want to ensure our development focus remains community-driven so the most valuable features are delivered to you. That's why we'd love your score to figure out the right time to integegrate Tape with Mini Apps.

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