Real estate

Tape for
Real Estate.

More than just a property and asset management platform. Tape combines data, tech and people inside a single app.

A better way to keep track of your Real Estate business.

Structured Data

Tape lets you organise your data in a way that is best for you. You can use it to store meeting notes, property and tenant data, vendors, inventory or management tasks - whatever matters most to your real estate organisation! Meanwhile, all data is stored in Europe and 100% GDPR compliant.

Social Collaboration

Tape allows you to chat with teammates, to join drop-in audio rooms in real-time as well as video conferences. Easily post your status and thoughts, quickly interact with reactions, and more.

Get on the same page

Real estate has various different little challenges that need to be on track, such that employees don't duplicate efforts or go in the wrong direction. One workplace and one source of truth is all you need to solve that problem more efficiently than ever before.

Why Tape?

Just get started.
In a few minutes.

From the first day, you can start building. Tape's template market and intuitive design allow you to meet even your most complex needs right away.

Keep a pulse on your business.

Your entire organization's information at your fingertips. All the latest information, always up to date.

Shape & connect everything to your needs.

Build a single source of truth that's tailored to your specific workflows. Put everything you need in. Cut off anything extra.

Easily focus on what matters.

With an automated overview of all tasks that are relevant for you, it's easier than ever to find focus.

Tape has the goal of making your work life better and provides time for more important things.

Join and shape the journey of Tape.

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